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Maple nail printer model and price

    We are proud to introduce you our Maple nail printer technology where nails are painted in vibrant and sophisticated designs at the touch of a button.

    Maple nail printer can paint 5 nails one time,so it is only the nail printer for you business use(single nail printer only can used in home as a gift)! At the same time ,it is the highest quality and the cheapest nail printer over the world (save you more than 50% money)! Now we support credit card,Paypal,Western Union, Bank transfer to pay.Easy Safety Guarantee for your shopping online.

  It's fun for your customers, it's fun for you and it will help create revenue. Our machines offer the best value for money, typically half the price of our competitors with superb, high quality results.

   Founded in May 2004 and based in picturesque Nantong in the heart of China, our mission is to develop innovative products that create beautiful nails. We have distributors around the world and are always looking to partner with new, successful sales operations on a global scale.Now more than 5000 users over the world use our products!

   Our printers can apply virtually any fashion image, even your own art or photos, in vibrant color and photographic clarity directly onto natural or artificial nails in seconds.
    We are here to provide the best experience possible for both nail professionals and consumers, by offering quality products, services and outstanding support.

    Our state-of-the-art digital nail printers can apply high quality fashion images in splendid photographic clarity in a matter of minutes. Only Maple Nail Art Printer gives you an outstanding feature of printing 5 nails in one go!

    What’s more, it can also print on toe nails! Another great feature is our stunning gallery of 3000+ exciting present designs. Besides these ready-to-print images from the nail art gallery, your client can opt to print from their own collection of photos, patterns or logos, thus enabling your clients to express their individuality and fashion sense.

    A digital breakthrough in the nail art industry, Maple Nail Printer can be used by professional nail art salons, beauticians, bridal beauty salons and entrepreneurs. Nail art printers by Maple nail printer can also be used by Event promotion companies as an effective advertising tool. Imagine printing nails of delegates and visitors with company logos and attractive nail art designs in just a couple of minutes!

    Learn more about how Maple Nail Art can make you a nail fashion expert, multiplying your client base and maximizing turnovers!

    Now you can buy Maple nail printer by master credit card or visa credit card throw Paypal.All free ship!

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S05 & S08 model Color painting on 5 finger nails at one time, as well as on toenails, mobiles ,flowers and ornamental articles; intelligent identification .

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