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   Frequently Asked Questions :

1.Tell me more about Maple Nail Art Printer.
Maple Nail Art Printer provides cost effective digital technology by printing fine art designs directly onto your fingernails or artificial tips. Maple Nail Art Printer is an innovative machine with 3000+ exclusive designs to choose from its nail art gallery. You can also design your own patterns or have photos of your choice printed with our user friendly software. Maple Nail Art Printer is a revolutionary breakthrough in the nail fashion field.

2.Explain the difference between nail painting by hand and by Maple Nail Art Printer.
Nail printing by hand can take several hours and the finishing depends on the skills of nail technician whereas Maple Nail Art Printer prints accurate designs directly onto nails in a couple of minutes. Photographic images can also be printed directly onto nails quickly.

3.Can it really print onto five fingers at once?
Maple Nail Art Machine can print five finger nails at once. It will print four fingers from one hand and the thumb of the other. Alternatively you can print four finger nails two times and two thumbs together.

4.Do I need to be a qualified nail technician to operate the nail art machine?
If you have basic computer knowledge as well as basic nail art technique we can train you to print nails with Maple Nail Art Machine in a couple of hours. If you are new to this field it will require a couple of days training from us.

5.How long do the digital nail designs last?
It will last for about two weeks. It is recommended to apply two coats of protective coating.

6.Is the machine able to print on artificial nail tips?
Yes, Maple Nail Art Printing machine can print artificial tips - plastic or acrylic.

7.Is it possible to add embellishments on a printed nail?
You can certainly apply embellishments. After applying a special coat on the printed nail you can decorate with Rhinestones, crystals, floral ornaments, glitter, gold / silver foil, etc to achieve a professional look. Shop online for Wholesale Nail and Nail Art Supplies...

8.Can the printer do toes?
Yes, the machine comes with an attachment that can be used to do toes. 5 toes one time also.

9.What else is shipped along with the nail printer?
The nail art printer comes with all the required software, step-by-step installation guides, training video CD, training stickers, nail art gallery magazine, special coat bottles, cables, spare UV tube, one ink cartridge etc.

10.Can the printer can do speakingroses?
Yes,it can also paint on roses,mobil,egg,apple etc.

11.Do you have introduce book?
Yes,please download from our web,click.

12.More Questions?
Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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